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The Truth behind Dual Occupancies

Have you heard people talking about Dual Occupancies as the best method for achieving great cashflow on an investment property? 

If you are in Victoria, you maybe wondering are they really as good as the talk?

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I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.

- Jimmy Dean


Fundamentals Remain Good Despite Govt/Bank Moves to Cool Market

Spiralling house prices have caused major headaches for Australian regulators over recent years, with a raft of measures introduced to peg back the property market and increase housing affordability.

Read our take on the current state of the Australian property market for investors.

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5 Essential Professionals For Every Property Investment Team

While some property investors go it alone, buyers are increasingly turning to property investment specialists to help them make a sound purchase.

Who should be in your team?

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Dual Occupancies commenced in Victoria, 54 years ago!

This is not a new investment option, just improved!



Martin Wyatt - Your Professional Partner

Martin is in the top 1% of Australian property investors measured by properties owned and he recognises the importance of having access to a team of professionals with decades of shared experience.

Discover some of his methods.

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