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Talk with us first to understand the benefits The Buyers Agent provides. From the Free Consultation to First Steps, using our Proven GPS Formula Knowledge, meaning you benefit from 28 years of knowledge, the best selections of & getting it right to enjoy success when investing.
First Steps to Property Investor
We start on the first steps of our GPS Formula for Investing in Property with you. Our first steps are a full 360 degree analysis of your current status and a balanced financial capacity for property. Knowing the platform and future capacity allows us to work out the "Right Strategy" for you. We have Panels of Professional Ancillary Services that can assist or you may have people in place.
Learn our Proven Formula
We move on to discuss each step of the GPS Formula, Verifying your Goals, Confirming what Purpose & Achievement we are looking to produce through the Property Investment. We agree on the type of property and commence the selection process, research, analysis, reports, locations, properties, due diligence, and keep communication flowing to you as we progress. This has been refined over our 28 years & 2,150+ properties secured for purchasers.
Investment Property Matching
After a detailed assessment we provide a short list of properties that matches your strategy, being the right price point, type of property and in the right location. This property is analysed to achieve the right result for the short, medium and longer term, time frames towards your goal. This includes Property Rating & PIA Reports, 360 Degree Analysis plus our 42 key point checklist.
Ideal Investment Property
This investment property matches your investment strategy, your capacity, comfortably within your affordability and has been chosen based upon numerous key factors to driver benefit to you throughout your ownership. Buy Build Invest provides the knowledge, resources, access to On, Off & Pre-Market Property to ensure you have success with your investment property. Even once operational we are always here to assist.

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